Queer Art and Education Activist
Recent Graduate and Founder of Black is Gold
Finance Professional
Education Consultant
Community Builder Centering Marginalized Communities
Mexican-American Civil Rights Activist
Local Leader and Board Member Amplifying Women and Communities of Color
DJ and Business Finance Professional
First-generation Christian Arab-American and Leadership Development Program Manager
Civil Servant Leader
Veteran and lifelong educator
Community Leader Dedicated to Creating Safe Spaces
Chicago Resident Passionate About Growing Community
Founder of A Hand To Give and Birth Equity Manager for EverThrive Illinois
Gender-based Violence Specialist and Co-founder of Emerge Community Empowerment
Nigerian-born daughter, Youth Advocate, Stylist, and Health Enthusiast
Director of Secondary Partnerships at OneGoal
Community Leader and Chief of Investigations for the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defenders
Lawyer, Policy Advisor, and Political Organizer
Director at Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
Mexico Native and Business Consultant
Servant Leader Fighting to Narrow Generational Divides
Director of External Affairs and Community Partnerships
Senior Advocacy & Communications Manager at DuPage: Chicago South Suburbs Habitat for Humanity