Emani Figaro

Emani Figaro, a Chicago native, is a dynamic professional whose journey has been marked by a commitment to education, community, and creative empowerment. A proud alumna of Spelman College, she earned a degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish, laying the foundation for her multifaceted career.

Emani’s career trajectory includes impactful roles at UNCF, where she contributed to educational initiatives, and The Nascent Group, where she honed her skills in project management and strategic development. Her journey led her to collaborate with local Chicago brands, fostering a deep connection to her roots and a passion for community-driven initiatives. Notably, Emani brought her expertise to global giant Nike, where she played a pivotal role in footwear design and marketing.

Currently, as a freelance Creative Consultant, Emani specializes in branding, marketing, events, and curriculum design. Emani’s dedication to fostering creativity and bridging educational gaps led her to establish the Maison Mogul Consulting Foundation. The foundation serves as a catalyst for connecting creatives, businesses, and resources through transformative projects, educational initiatives, and impactful events. Emani’s mission is clear – to inspire, educate, and empower individuals within the creative sphere.

Emani’s journey as a creative consultant has been marked by a commitment to shaping brand identities and driving innovation. With experience working on projects for UNCF, The Black Economic Alliance, and more she brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative flair to her work. Her experiences have positioned her as an influential force in branding and marketing.

As the founder of Maison Mogul Consulting Foundation, Emani strives to create a meaningful impact on the Chicago community and beyond. Her focus on fostering collaboration, education, and empowerment underscores her dedication to building a vibrant and interconnected creative landscape. Emani is known for her professionalism, vision, and dedication to creating positive change, making her a respected figure in creative consulting and community building.