Chinasa Imo

Chinasa U Imo is an accomplished development and global health policy strategist, currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice. Her expertise lies in utilizing political economy analysis and participatory approaches to examine and formulate policies and programs that strengthen health systems, enhance governance, foster social accountability, and advance access to quality health care. Her primary focus encompasses underserved populations, specifically women, youths, and children residing in low-resourced, hard-to-reach, and volatile communities.

As the visionary founder of SieDi-Hub, a nonprofit in Nigeria, Chinasa pioneers initiatives that promote social justice and access to rights-based welfare services – driving positive change and empowerment for youth and women through innovative research, policy engagements, human capacity development, and direct program interventions.

Chinasa’s academic accomplishments include a bachelor’s degree in public administration and master’s degrees in diplomacy and strategic studies, and international development policy. Her dedication extends to her advisory roles in various non-governmental organizations and social enterprises, where she provides strategic guidance and support for impactful initiatives.

Driven by a passion for equity, as part of the Change Collective, she aims to reduce disparities in access to care for women and youth facing adversity in South Side, Chicago. Her focus involves implementing a safe space psychosocial and psychoeducational support program for overcoming vulnerabilities associated with abusive situations and domestic violence. Her commitment lies in empowering these individuals on their paths of resilience and recovery.