Nathaniel Suggs

Nathaniel Suggs is an artist/aspiring filmmaker from Chicago’s Westside – the North Lawndale area, to be more precise.
As a concerned Afrofuturist, his work deals with such subjects as identity, time, violence, apathy, and intercommunal relationships/dynamics. Though the medium through which he explores these concepts is (often) subject to change, he holds steadfast in his resolve to explore them in such a way that fully represents their nuance and scope.
In keeping with his core values, Nathaniel intends to spend my time with this cohort further developing/producing a screenplay for a piece I have been writing for a while. He looks forward to seeing how his interaction with the wonderful people in this space might inspire/shape how he conceptualizes and writes that work.
Nathaniel is honored to be joining the Change Collective and excited to hold dialogue and produce art in such a seemingly nurturing/fulfilling space.