E’Ron Leveston

E’Ron Leveston graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan. E’Ron is an entrepreneur and former educator from Chicago, IL. Shortly after graduation, he began independently consulting. His work was centered around helping organizations improve by initiating change and providing innovative solutions to reach their business’ objectives. E’Ron’s occupational footprint has spanned a number of industries and interrelated disciplines. His expertise lies in building positive relationships, negotiating, and training.

E’Ron began his career as a geometry teacher and entrepreneurship instructor at The Chicago Urban League. E’Ron gained experience in the corporate world negotiating deals with Fortune 100 companies for the Chicago Football Classic. The work there led him to a role developing sales and marketing plans for the Greater Midwest area for Great Lakes Coca – Cola. E’Ron has never forgotten where his career started and has always had an affinity for working with youth. E’Ron has launched two businesses of his own, Elevan, LLC: Sports and Entertainment Agency and Mo’ Better Beards – a men’s grooming line. E’Ron is currently a Regional Director at Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.