Morgan Collier

Morgan Collier is a life-long Chicagoan and a nonprofit professional who leads by example and through influence. As an only child who was raised in a household of women who lifted her up to “do better,” Morgan is passionate about empowering young people through education and mentorship. She is a fundraiser at heart and is never shy to make the ask. Through her participation in the Change Collective and in her every day, she strives to build collaborative partnerships in our communities to fill a gap of entry-level talent to create a diverse, ethical, and driven workforce who will be the future leaders of our city. She thrives delivering impact and making connections between those who have the means to give and a meaningful mission. Throughout her career, Morgan has navigated through roles in media relations, marketing, and fundraising – most recently in faith-based organizations in Chicago. She currently resides in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago with my partner, Frank. In her free time, she loves to reset with yoga, spend quality time with friends, travel to the desert, or stay home and binge podcasts and Bravo.