Nicole Brookens

Nickie Brookens, a dedicated advocate for youth literacy, founded PLAN4SUCCESS Foundation in 2016 with a mission to uplift underserved youth. Committed to holistic support, her organization provides vital life skills and equitable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

As a thought leader, Nickie drives initiatives in College Prep, Career Development, and Civic Engagement, positively impacting over 1,000 teens and college students. Under her guidance, PLAN4SUCCESS awarded 188 college scholarships, spanning 30+ high schools in Chicago and reaching 70 colleges nationwide.

Nickie’s commitment extends beyond scholarship support; her organization offers Wrap-Around Services, including mentorship and tailored support for navigating academic challenges. PLAN4SUCCESS prioritizes knowledge and personal development through workshops and conferences, providing valuable insights for future success.

A civic engagement enthusiast, Nickie has built a network of over 1,200 stakeholders, including teens, parents, college students, and nonprofits. Her dedication to educational equity is evident in her mission to bridge gaps for underprivileged students. In the Change Collective program, Nickie aims to empower youth through an innovative project addressing educational equity, contributing to a safe, inclusive environment, and exploring the program’s approach to mentoring emerging community leaders.