Ayana Jones

Ayana Jones hails from Philadelphia, MS, where she developed her passion for social justice advocacy through activism and education. She graduated with a B.A. in History from Jackson State University and currently works as a Cultural Resource Specialist for the Mississippi Department of Archives and History at the Two Mississippi Museums. Ayana is also the Regional Director of JULIAN, an organization that investigates, litigates, and campaigns for civil and human rights to end hate crimes, lynchings, unjustified police killings, and other rights violations.

Ayana finds it fulfilling to interpret the stories of Mississippi and its people, and she enjoys organizing for just causes in rural communities. She believes in making authentic connections with people and is committed to promoting civic engagement within communities. Throughout the program, Ayana hopes to learn from both traditional and nontraditional experts, and she is excited to gain new resources and skills that will help her in her mission.