Nando Felten

Nando Felten, a recent master’s graduate in Educational Design and Technology from the University of Michigan (UMICH), has emerged as a prominent figure in both academic and community engagement realms. His journey towards fostering inclusivity began during his undergraduate years at UMICH, where he co-founded Building Successful Bridges (BSB). This initiative played a crucial role in providing career and professional development resources to minority students, highlighting the importance of transferable untaught pre-career skills. His dedication to creating inclusive educational opportunities led him to contribute significantly to UMICH’s Marsal School of Education. Here, Nando was instrumental in developing the LEAPS program, a 4-year degree program centered around problem-based learning and community engagement.

Currently, Nando plays a pivotal role in representing Code Next in Detroit. He is actively involved in building partnerships with local tech companies, nonprofits, and schools, effectively bridging Code Next with significant regional entities like Michigan Central and the Ford Foundation. His efforts are central to transforming Detroit into an equitable hub for the mobility of data, knowledge, people, and goods. Additionally, Nando Felten sits on the Board of Directors for The Umoja Debate League in Detroit. Through this role, he contributes to shaping a generation of articulate, informed, and socially conscious individuals, adding another dimension to his commitment to education and community development in Detroit.