Jennifer Giroux

As a Social Impact Strategist with over 15 years of global experience, Jennifer Giroux specializes in driving transformative change through anthropological insight and strategic vision. Leading diverse teams across six continents, her focus is on systemic inequities, fostering inclusive societies, and crafting equitable solutions.

Through Giroux Impact, Jennifer leads projects in community-centric research, strategy, and design, primarily in social and behavioral change, societal progress, and organizational strategy. Collaborating with various governments and entities like Emerson Collective, Genmab, Novartis, ETH Zurich, and the United Nations, she has honed her skills in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, social innovation, DEI, public-private partnerships, and corporate social responsibility. As an accomplished public speaker, Jennifer has delivered keynotes and talks at various conferences, sharing insights on business-society intersections, security, resilience, and social impact. Her contributions to academic and policy publications demonstrate a commitment to thought leadership.

Passionately involved in Detroit’s revitalization, Jennifer focuses on transformative greening initiatives, equitable design, and community advocacy, aiming to significantly contribute to the city’s development.

Jennifer’s unique blend of global perspective, local engagement, and cross-sector experience positions her to create sustainable, impactful solutions. Driven by a goal to advance humanity, she is excited to bring her expertise and enthusiasm to the Change Collective 2024 cohort.