Gus Daniels-Washington

Gus Daniels-Washington (They/She) is a passionate advocate and strategic program development specialist deeply committed to fostering positive change through youth, social justice, and artivism. As the Founder and Director of JXNOLOGY, Gus brings an entrepreneurial spirit, establishing impactful community-led learning spaces and programs that empower young creatives. With a focus on intentional programming, Gus collaborates with artists to explore the transformative impact of art on social change.

In their various roles, Gus has honed strong organizational skills, coordinating partnerships, facilitating large meetings, and managing multifaceted projects. Through community-driven initiatives and artist coordination, Gus has demonstrated a unique ability to bring diverse voices together for impactful outcomes. Their commitment to justice, equity, and cultural advocacy shines through in every project undertaken.

With a background in advocating for social justice and community engagement, Gus is eager to contribute to initiatives that align with their values. They bring a wealth of experience in research, collaboration, and community development, making them a valuable asset to any endeavor aimed at creating a more equitable and culturally aware society.